AI in Programming


Attention, everyone! Here's another meeting, and this one is the very last before the summer break. We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful events throughout the year and for your support. Who will honor us with their presence?

We'll meet at KUMŠT! This event is perfect for those who want to become more efficient and better programmers and take their skills to the next level. So don't forget to register – seats are disappearing fast!

Our speakers:

Pavol Hejný How to GenAI (almost) anything? The last year and a half has been a rollercoaster ride. Not only (Chat)GPT has completely changed the rules of entire industries. We've spent the last six months generating simple websites with everything, and now we're working on software that will allow anyone to automate the generation of (almost) anything. In my talk, you'll learn what that means and what the difficulties and challenges are.

Petr Glaser Replace yourself: AI programmers revealed Hardly a day goes by without hearing that we will be replaced by AI or those who use AI. But what is the reality in practice behind all the assistants and AI programmers?